9SAKE rice varieties cultivated in TottoriYamadanishiki: Called “king of sake” rice with its high brewing proper��. Sake from Yamadanishiki has a sophisticated flavor with its newly pressed sake. Even mat�red, its accuracy stays unchanged. Originally from the wester� Japan however due to its perfect t�aits as sake rice, it has widely spread to the nor�h. The top production volume as sake rice now. Goriki: Sake rice made in Tottori and brewed only by Tottori brewers. Stalk is longer than 150cm and has less compatibilit� with chemical fer�ilizers. Rice is not easily soluble and not good for newly pressed sake but shows good perfor�ance when mat�red. Tamasakae: Popular sake rice in Tottori. Sake from Tamasakae is good with dishes with dr� and crisp character. Great perfor�ance when war�ed.yields. Gradually larger scale production has star�ed and aſter eight years, Goriki has successf�lly come back to the original field in Tottori prefect�re. Again, Goriki is difficult to manage with its long stalk and disease susceptibilit�, only proficient g�owers are allowed to handle. As a result, Goriki became the first far�ing cont�act model and this par��ership bet�een and brewers g�owers event�ally lead to “Brewing is the far�ing”; the sense of aesthetics as manufact�rers.

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