8a fascinating historic local rice. “If sake is brewed by Goriki with cur�ent advanced technolog�, how Goriki reacts and what kind of sake Goriki brings?” With reflecting indigenous t�aits, each region could inter��ine its nat�ral feat�res with sake flavor with a dig�it� of its regionalit�. The thought drove the revival project. Indeed, it was tough to locate the seeds aſter 30 years absence. Even g�owers no more easily located the seeds who had once dealt with Goriki. Aſter one year of st�enuous searching effor�s, the seed was finally discovered at Tottori Universit�. Universit� initially declined to spare the seeds for economic pur�ose however later a professor made a proposal that Goriki be cultivated in the universit� and if successf�lly har�ested, they could give seeds from among the har�ested. A few seeds, caref�lly g�own in the Universit�, finally reached a handf�l column1Revival drama of illusiveSAKE rice, Goriki40 years ago, the project has launched to revive local variet� called “illusive sake rice”, Goriki, a historic st�ain found at the foot of Mt. Daisen and has been pure bred in the 1890s. Even under the time with less established brewing technolog�, Goriki was well famed with its prestigious reputation “sake from Goriki is outstanding”. On the other hand, Goriki had an exceptionally long stalk, susceptible to rice disease and less yield, g�adually g�owers gave up its cultivation and finally Goriki was disappeared from the region sometime in the 1950s. In the 1970s, sake brewing technolog� has been sig�ificantly improved. People focused on sake from highly polished rice and Yamadanishiki was the ver� rice that enabled brewers to polish with higher ratio that was originated from neighboring prefect�re.Yamadanisiki instantly reminded a brewer of Goriki,

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