7SAKE RiceSake rice is designed to contain lower level of protein since protein leaves undesirable ■avors in sake. Also, it requires starch core in the center of the rice grain due to its unique nature of fermentation style. Rice must have good water absorbency and solubility. Grain must be larger and resistant to cracking. ■us, from growers’ perspective, sake rice making is not a happy job since it is accompanied by labor intensive, skills but lower yields. Sake brewing process starts with brewer’s decision making on which sake rice is suitable for their target sake style since each variety has di■erent traits. As is said “anything delicious starts with its raw materials”, sake quality is unable to beyond the capability of raw ingredient, rice!Conventionally brewers buy sake rice from Japan Agriculture cooperatives, however recently the number of direct farming contract is increased re■ecting the thoughts of brewers to seek higher quality rice. ■is partnership theoretically brings about win-win relationship due to nurturing clear accountability and interdependency. ■us, e■ect of the direct farming contract is not only a trading relationship but creating synergies that eventually becomes a message to the consumers. Tottori proudly sustains No.1 direct farming contract ratio in Japan that reaches 70%. ■is fact showcases our quality conscious manufacturing spirits and this is largely attributable to the “story of Goriki rice”..

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