6Indica riceJaponica riceIndica rice, Japonica rice and Indo-Japan rice!!Tottori Curry ClubWhen we see Indica Rice and Japonica Rice, Indica rice is longer and thin in shape while Japonica is shorter and round. When it comes to taste, as you know, Japonica rice is stickier than Indica rice.RiceRice production areas are widespread in Japan but actually costal areas of the sea of Japan are mostly focused. Since Japanese rice is cultivated in paddy ■elds, abundant water is required that is in turn sourced from rivers with full of snowmelt water from mountains. Tottori is the southernmost snowy prefecture blessed with rich water sources from symbolic Mt. Daisen and its neighbors. ■e mountain water and its abundant minerals play mother’s role to nurture its high quality rice. Although Tottori is considered as snowy prefecture, it keeps high temperature in is maintained. Rice is also a blessing of our natural features.summer thus su■cient sunlight duration Research of Ministry of Internal Aairs and Communication in 2004 highlighted that Tottori was the No.1 Curry consumption prefecture across Japan. In respond to the result, Tottori Curry Club was organized in 2005 and eastern part of Tottori has encouraged Curry driven tourism. ■e momentum pushed Tottori people to start cultivating new rice for Currey use. As a result, Kaori Hime (Princess Aroma) was born that rooted to Japanese table rice and Indica rice. It is said this Kaori Hime has both Indo-Japan character, non sticky outside with elastic inside. Let’s compare with Basmati rice.Kaori Hime in town: RESORT

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