4■e ocean (the sea of Japan) is warmed by the sunlight and that warmed water evaporates and becomes the clouds. ■e clouds bring rains that fall on the mountains, then start traveling in many forms such as surface waters, the vaporized, subsoil waters or underground waters. Finally surface waters gather streams and pour to the Sea of Japan.Blessings of the Rich NatureJourney of the waterWater gives life to rice plantsSubsoil waterThatʼs why Tottori Prefecture-The Food Capital of Japan WaterWater creates “uniqueness” of sake. Underground water a■ects sake character when brewing. Water contains dissolved minerals sourced from soil and rock layers, through that it has traveled in the past. In particular, water becomes so■ with less iron and less magnesium when it has passed through granite stratums.Water for rice plants is not only for their living source but it creates the environment where rice plants are healthily grown. Water ■lled in the rice ■elds become a dam*(equivalent to 100t dam when 10a ■elds are ■lled by 10cm water). Since water has high heat conductivity, water warmed by the sunshine e■ectively protects baby plants from coldness in the early stage of the growing period whereas ■owing cold water protects rice plants from summer heat beating. ■us water in the rice ■elds nurtures creatures and contributes to rich eco-system in Tottori Prefecture.■e water springs out at the seaside of Tottori has traveled for roughly a century when it considers distance from the mountain side to the Sea of Japan, that is only 50km. (traveling speed: 500m/year)Water is the source of deliciousness. Water gives nourishments to rice, vegetables, fruits in the ■eld and seafoods in the sea.SoilRich soil is also natural creatures resulting from collective actions of microbes, plants and animals on the weathered rocks. Indeed 10×9 microbes are living a gram of soil. Tottori prefecture proudly owns rich woods, soil and micro ■ora that supports eco-system. Human being constitutes only a part of it.SAKE RecipesIng�edients: Tottori Originating Water and Soil,    Made-in-Tottori RiceSpices: People and Rich Nat�res

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