3One of the values of sake making process is the cra■manship that has been carefully passed down over the long period. Each brewery has its speci■c technique that is best suited to their locality. Brewers learn from the conventional method and apply innovative method to seek continuous improvements.People-Team workWe much care about developing rapport and collaboratively work towards the common goal with all stakeholders. Historically Toji (master brewer) has brought his group to the dedicated brewery and stay there during the entire sake making period. Sleeping, eating and working together. As stated “Japanese spirit produces sake and sake producing process nurtures Japanese spirit” (Otani shuzo), “Sake Brewing from the hearts”(Inatahonten),, most breweries care much about “harmony” in many ways.Mt.DaisenBecause of Blessings of the Rich Nature BestowedSkills-No limit and No Boundary

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