2980℃.(176F).Hot water bathMicrowavePlace the sake filled carafe in a containerfilled with water heated to about80℃.(176F). When using this method, it isbest to heat the water first, then turn offthe source of heat before allowing thesake container to stand in the water. Thetemperature of sake should be carefullychecked and monitored with athermometer in order to not overheat thesake. The standard time for leaving astandard sake vessel (180ml) in the hotwater is about two to four minutes. Manybowls and pans are suitable containers forthe hot water.It is also possible to use a microwave, ifthe container you use is suitable formicrowaving. This is less gentle than thetraditional method, but much faster.Because sake is mostly water, it takesabout 20-40 seconds to heat 180ml ofsake, depending on the rating of themicrowave and the initial and desired finaltemperature of the sake. The shape of atraditional tokkuri can result in unevenheat distribution when using a microwave,but one way to avoid this is to place thesake in a heat resistant tumbler or mugfor heating and then transfer it to a tokkuri.How to Warm SAKE

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