es!Cutfor Brewer�’s specialt� par�icularly targeting to ladies!Sweet and sour with lower alcohol in r�by color is desig�ed to touch your hear�s. Yakamihime is a princess in the Japanese my�holog� that tells a stor� of how Yakami princess gets mar�ied. The sweet�ess stems from the sweet sake (amazake) that has been added in the final stage of mash-ing and acidit� is derived from cit�ic acid from white koji, the same acid t��e as lemon. The r�by color is from anthocyanin of wild red rice, mean-ing it has poly�henol. Light, healthy and refresh-ing sake is good with aperitif and also with dishes.25With warm temperature up to 60℃, you can tell steady structure of the products that keep perfect balances. Then as the temperature goes down, you can see the different but expressive tastes. Recommended with deep fried horse mackerel with Japanese sauce, grilled chicken skins and tomato pasta.Rice:Tamasake 75%, Yamadanishiki 25%Milling:Tamasake 65%, Yamadanishiki 70% , ABV: 15%ABV : 12%, white koji (citric acid)How about enjoying sake in silky red saree? Color in the glass will reflect on your fingers, coloring your evening time.Brewer�’s standard Junmai sake with over t�o years tank mat�ration. It has a lemon color with g�ainy, butter cake, ear�hy, subtly smoky notes with well balanced umami, mellow.SuggestionSuggestion and dressy roséeladiJunmai Usagi LabelYakamihime Rosé

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