千代川○文 智頭農林高校智頭駅24●智頭警察署53★智頭小○文 智頭病院●●智頭町役場Suwa shuzo focuses on Umami and Ageing because it thinks sake is a company of the food. So, Junmai x aged x warmed sake, is brewery’s equation that brings the happiest moment with enjoying sake and dish harmony. Warmed sake makes you feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated and it also works for your better skin treatment.Established 1859 as the designated brewery to brew a sacred o■ering dedicated to Suwa shrine. It is located back in the mountain with full of Japanese cedar trees Sake brewing has no limit and no boundary. Every year we are new in primary school.■ose words symbolize Suwa shuzo as to how we have been humble and earnest towards our way of sake producing processes.Sake is fundamentally made from rice and water. On top of this, our sake making process needs “people” and “ageing process”. Just like whisky, sake has an ageing process that makes sake profoundly savory and leaves multi-layered expressions. Umami of Japanese sake is resulting from amino acid deriving from rice and koji. We believe Indian people identify umami since we both commonly have rice palate.where ■ying squirrels are living that are designated as endangered species. Rainfalls from the cedar trees have become underground water and carried sands to the Sea of Japan, that ultimately made Tottori Dune. Water used from the well in the brewery is thus collective dews from the cedar trees and it is extremely so■. Natural blue colored well water will welcome you on your visit. ■e brewery is on the hill at 200m latitude, cool in summer and cold in winter, the perfect climate for sake brewing.Suwa Shuzo Co,.Ltd.451 Chizu, Chizu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori 689-1402 Food and Good SAKEMake Your Family Smile

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