is er box Golden out of purposetheto for giftyour special occasion.importantan Blue color proudly feat�res blue ocean of the Sea of Japan that Tottori faces in the nor�h. Totally refreshing with a hint of g�een apple, st�awber��, pare, lemon g�ass and cotton candy. The brand name Auspicious Blue Ocean means “wishing good for��ne and cong�at-ulations as vast as ocean wide”.Crane Inaba-Auspicious Blue Ocean23Rice:Goriki 100%Milling: 50% , ABV: 15.5%Hint of g�ape, muscat, rice cakes and milky candy with good finish, dr� and crisp. Great perfor�ance with white meats (sea breams, salted g�illed chicken) with wider temperat�re range from chilled to war�ed 40 ℃. With reflecting Goriki uniqueness (Goriki literally means St�ong Power), sake character has slightly higher acidit� and good level of umami.Rice:YamadanishikiMilling: 40% , ABV: 15%,Cold dishes are good to pair with chilled style and warm dishes with warmed around 40℃. Goriki shows good performance of warmed sake and you can tell how Goriki Junmai Daiginjo level (50%) guides you to warmed sake world!Deeply transparent blue ocean captures your mind with an image of golden sunset in summer. Enjoy even with lemon and mint. Chilled around 8-12 ℃.SuggestionSuggestion Crane Inaba-Strong Power 50

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