鳥取駅新袋川袋川22ハローワーク●53●ファミリー マート●グリーンリッチホテルめぐみ○文 保育園セブンイレブン●●やまびこ館●観音院★立川郵便局○〒天神川●ラ・ムーNakagawa Brewery is a leading brewery that has committed to revive Goriki since it strongly believes that sake brewed from locally sourced ingredients has a signi■cant meaning as the regional brands in light of AOC in Europe. ■rough strenuous e■orts and persistence, sake from Goriki rice ■nally came back to the market in 1990s. Currently Nakagawa brewery o■ers an opportunity to community people to jointly work on goriki rice/sake producing in their e■orts to sharing Tottori’s sake culture to the wider local audience.We have walked together with Goriki and long committed to seek how goriki’s unique character better re■ects sake tastes with other ingredients locally sourced.Brewers are all directly lead by Mr. Sota, awarded as a Contemporary Master Cra■sman in 2002. Our sake is a result of strenuous e■orts by the master brewer, goriki rice grower and our strong passions to achieve local authenticity. Until now and from now on, we will keep committing to Terroir.Established in 1828 with around 200 years history, located in the center of Tottori city, 15 minutes from Tottori station. As the ■rst HCCP accredited brewery in Tottori prefecture back in 2016, Nakagawa brews sake using well water from the foot of the mountain nearby in a small quantity and keeps quality level of hygienic standard.Last year, son of the seventh generation came back home that expects us to see the new essence on their sake tastes.Nakagawa Brewery Co., Ltd2-305 tachikawa-cho.Tottori City.Tottori 680-0061

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