nightimetFor your special your to embrace21Rice:Tamasakae 100%Milling: 65% , ABV: 15.5%Hint of hay, soy, rice, yog�r� and cinnamon with distinct flavors of umami derived from rice. This iconic Junmai represents brewer�’s core concept and ser�es as the foundation for all other product lines. The highest production volume in the brewer� and be a company of a daily dining.Rice: Goriki 100%Milling: 70%, ABV: 15%6-10 years passage of time tints a subtle gold with g�anules of dregs flowing down in the bottle. Aromatically, subtly nutt�, cinnamon, nut�eg with dried fr�its and dr� on palate. Overall it leaves impression that has generated through positive chemical reactions through the time. Ageing dregs are considered “emancipation” and much t�easured by lovers.Heat up to 60℃ and enjoy the change in temperature with a subtle dried pine apple note.At 60℃, you will see how “steady” the structure keeps. In the brewery’s aesthetic sense of perfection, you will see the supple and elegant style.Nutty, spicy and creamy dishes are welcome, so Indian lamb and mutton curries are among candidates of good marriage. Or simply pair with hard cheese and dried fruits. Heat up to 50-55℃ centigrade and you will see the dried flavor with a hint of maple dews. You can see yourself in refined gold hue.SuggestionSuggestion! Winter Cherry-JunmaiWinter Cherry-Ageing Masterpiece

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