●99日置川★20トレーニング●センター青谷高校○文 ●あおや和紙 郷土館ローソン●青谷I.C青谷公民館●Yamane brewery has a strong commitment to their faith and has nurtured down-to-earth “manufacturing” method based on their proudly own aesthetic values. ■eir sake character typically indicates higher acidity re■ecting brewery’s aim to brew sake that enhance the ■avor of dishes. ■ey are highly particular about the rice and only the growers who accept brewery’s “rice design” work for them. In return, Yamane brewery shows the highest respect to the rice growers and became the ■rst ever brewery who speci■ed the grower’s name on sake label.Sake is modernized and diversi■ed in its pro■les but narrowly missed its fundamental ■gures. We would like you to know what the traditional sake looks like through our Junmai sake. Commonly both of us feed on rice as a staple diet and we believe Indian people could understand sake quality.Established in 1887 with around 135 years history, located in the westernmost of Inaba region known for the mythology. “Never truckle to the time" expresses their resolution for brewing sake and they consider sake brewing is a manufacturing business that starts with engaging people in the process. “Our brewing method is very simple; simply focuses on drawing umami that the rice intrinsically owns. ■erefore “rice” is very important to us.”Yamane Brewery Co., Ltd.69-1, Otsubo, Aoya-cho, Tottori 689-0518 BrewingNever Truckle to the Time

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