2Rice Culture:Indian and Japanese - We both have rice culture. Do you know there are only two countries in the world that have “rice name” in a country name? ■e answer is… India and Japan, as you see Indica rice and Japonica rice respectively. Since Indian people are well familiar with rice ■avors, , we Japanese brewery expect Indian people can instinctively accept sweetness drawn from rice, the core ■avor of sake.Why Tottori SAKE?Health Concern- Safety and Security:All sake is Vegan o■ered by Team Tottori. No sulfur, no additives, and no sugar. We know total life cycle of both rice and its products, sake. Taking advantage of “small scaled breweries”, all manufacturing processes are highly transparent. We know who grows rice, how it grows and harvests, who polishes the rice and how that rice reacts for this year. Just like a personality that is di■erent from each person, rice has a di■erent nature and character. We know total lifecycle from the seeds to bottlings.Welcome to Tottori SAKE!

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