in meaning of isJapaneseThety i “plums work for healtalVi th”.19Pairing with rich dishes like wild boar, lamb and mutton to match intensity. Rocks with herbs are soothing summer beat! Undiluted is a classic sake of Gensui lineup that feat�res level of umami and sweet�ess derived from the rice that is less polished. With undiluted and unfiltered, flavors stay unmanipulated that remind the consumer with the “good old times”. Rich and deep umami ex�ressively leaves the tone on your throat and in par�icular when it is ser�ed with chilled. On the rocks, you may feel more roundness of the st��ct�re from the combination of sweet�ess, acidit�, umami and alcohol volume.Rice:GohyakumangokuMilling: 70% , ABV: 19%ABV:9%Indeed, plum works just like spices in India with its antioxidant, appetizing, digestive efficacy. Aromatically, it has light lemong�ass, g�apes and of course Japanese plum (sweet and sour) notes and used for aromatic therapy with its detox and anti ox�gen feat�res. On palate, sweet and sour with subtle spiciness and ast�ingency, reminiscence of tamarind in ter�s of sour�ess.SuggestionSuggestionGreat refreshment with ice, soda and straight. Also, as a morning refreshment, I added a drop or Vitality to yogurt~~. Then it made my day!The Admiral-UndilutedVitality-Green Plum

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