○文 東中18●北岡病院ファミリーマート●●鳥取銀行●観光案内所●倉吉市役所●東宝ストアなしっこ館●Originally brewery’s name was Kuratsu brewery but it was replaced by Gensui a■er ‘Admiral Togo’ visited the town and favored Kuratsu sake. Gensui has a huge brewery space, just like a complex of warehouse or even factories where huge tanks are in line. Separately, suvenior shop is located in the midst of the visitors’ guides where sake, cakes and wider range of fancy goods attract visitors.Good sake, Gensui o■ers diversi■ed types of sake and multiple way of drinking that meet your “Day’s appetites”! Kampai with Vitality with rocks or with soda that stimulates good appetites. ■e Undiluted has an intensi■ed ■avor to match rich main dishes or to refresh the palate with rocks.Established in 1848 with around 170 years history, the brewery’s cra■manship has been well established through three di■erent Toji guild style. Maintaining its core competence of Japanese traditional style, combined with modern techniques and technology, Gensui always challenges for the better as proudly famed “Good Sake Gensui.★Gensui Shuzo Co.,Ltd.2573 Higashinakamachi kurayoshi-shi Tottori 682-0826 SAKEGensui

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