er!,th straight wi watServe soda and,to ment forgotis reddish brown! Oh,Color 17Rice: 100% local YamadanishikiMilling: 80% , ABV: 20%Distinctively milky color by draining using zar� (bamboo sieve) is a sig�at�re of Umetsu sake. High acidit�, rich umami with higher ABV ex�resses f�ll body and dr�. Full and mouthcoating tex��re.ABV:10%Enjoy with soda, warmed sake after diluted with water and of course as it is. Highly recommended “with soda” with Mexican type pizza with Italian sausage in the outer barbecue party!Products characteristically reflects its maturation and flavor has rather complexed layers, nutmeg, clove, prune, caramel and earthiness. Body and lingering with lightly viscosity. Absolutely good for Indian dessert in terms of density of sweetness and spiciness! I see huge potential as prune/plum sauce (but highly sour) on dishes and even as chutney with cinnamon powder.Nokyo Plum is a plum specifically har�ested in Nokyo region and exceptionally large with over 5cm diameter of itsspherical shape. Well ripen Nokyo plum soaked in sake has been mat�red for around t�o years and released its ex��act that has f�ll of organic acids such as malic, cit�ic, succinic, and tar�aric with vitamins!! Note this plum liqueur is a sake based product, so with a f�ll range of amino acid! Needless to say… “perfect beaut�”!SuggestionSuggestionNokyo-Majestic plumSake-Umetsu no KimotoZARU

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