9●ホテル東伯イン16●ジョイフル●山陰合同銀行●JA鳥取中央●大山 乳業東伯中○文 ●琴浦長役場Umetsu brewery spares no e■orts to handcra■ all sake manufacturing processes that have been passed down since its inception back in 1873. ■is single-minded posture has been their persistent commitments as a small brewery. ■e curren ■■h generation started sake making from rice growing process together with local farmers. Raising the motto “sake making with considering health and environment”, the brewery aims to achieve chemical free cultivation alongside their handcra■ing sake.Established in 1873 with around 150 years history, Umetsu brewery has committed to handcra■ing sake and ingredients from local source. ■eir sake brewing method is characteristically suitable for making aged and warmed sake. ■ey produce not only sake but also local specialty yam based shochu, other spirits and liqueurs.Big brother took over sake manufacturing process and little brother recently joined to give help to run a family business. ■e new generation is brainstorming to create new value propositions and attractiveness of their regions through brewing.“We take pride in our sake as best sake in the region and aim to brew viable Junmai sake with a close relationship with regional agriculture!”★Umetsu Shuzo Co,.Ltd.1350 Odani, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori 689-2223 No E■orts to Handcra■ All Processes

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