en Premiumt Secreères’iFig QueChocolat15Rice: 100% local Yamadanishiki ・ Tamasakae Milling: 50% , ABV: 15.5%Light and refreshing mouthfeel with crispness, this Ginjo sake goes well with wider range of dishes. Well balanced and rounded umami with smooth tex��re is an achievement of combined umami from rice and water.ABV: 12%Enjoy with wider range of temperature from chilled to warmed (10-40℃). Extend great support to favor dish flavors. Good finish calls for another sip ever! Any dishes are welcome!Taste and feel “melty kiss of ganache”. Unlike its greenish aroma, the taste slowly brings rich and creamy chocolate tones. No sugar added, beauty effects and low alcohol. An absolute Must Buy liqueur!Gold Medal at Chugoku Sake Award 2021!!Fully ripened locally g�own whole figs dipped in Junmai-sake over 3 years leave sweet and g�een sunny notes. For eyes, it bears gar�et or dramatic deep rose in color from poly�henol. Also, Fig Queen has an effect of digestion and anti-ageing. No sugar added with ABV 12%.SuggestionSuggestionFig Queen PremiumChocolatièresʼ SecretHawk ChivalryClear and Crips (CCC)

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