9★14●大谷保育所●洞泉寺大谷簡易郵便局○〒Otani brewery’s sake character consistently maintains dry style. ■is aims to favor food tastes and its crispness is well deserved as a drinking partner at any time and not making people getting tired. Brand name Taka Isami (Hawk Chivalry) is named from the fact that a hawk hovered around over the brewery when brewery’s rice steaming facilities were being built and brewers considered it as an auspicious sign. Another story evidenced that a hawk ■ew into inner room of the second ■oor. Certainly, hawks are their guardians. Sake is all carefully nurtured and cared by Mozart classics! ■e brewery says they never change the music (from Mozart) since they are afraid that sake grows bad We brew sake seeking “Sake remains in one’s heart”. By working on rice throughout a year, it grows fond of sake brewing and sensitivity to the details.Our Toji (master brewer) is later in his 30s and brewery itself is full of energies by the youth. Under “sake, harmoniously brewed”, new ideas developed by the young generation are well harmonized with the techniques passed down over generations. Brewing sake brings harmony that is exactly Japanese spirit..boys/girls. Established in 1865 with around 150 year history, located in Kotouracho, center of the prefecture, Otani shuzo faces the sea of Japan in the north and Mt. Daisen in the south. Water used is subsoil water drawn from nature rich Mt. Daisen and its so■ness smoothly slips into the body. By using that water, rice is locally grown together with local community. Brewers work in brewery in winter and in the rice ■eld in summer.大谷酒造株式会社Otani Shuzo Co., Ltd368 Urayasu,Kotoura-cho,Touhaku-gun,Tottori 689-2352 Japan Spirit Brews SAKE and SAKE Nurtures Japanese Spirit

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