debutionalA sensat ikelJustSake? ! wineetwhi13Rice: 100% local GorikiMilling: 55% , ABV: 15%Tottori’s ver� own Goriki rice has characteristically recog�izable “acidit�” in overall sweet� notes of g�een apples, melons, white flowers, muscats, cotton candies and almond jelley . On palate, medium level of umami with velvet� tex��re ex�ressively st�etches.ABV:9%At chilled temperature (8-12 ℃) served with wine glass, you can enjoy sweet aroma at first. On palate, umami extends a great pairing with butter chicken, creamy dishes (seafood gratin), and Tempura.Try this new sensational sake! Sourness offset by sweetness, I love IKU’S sorbet or jelly with fruits. Great refreshments for garden party and enjoy with flute glass for a dressy moment.A sip of IKU’S SHIRO totally makes your palate refreshing with an effect of high acidit� and you even take it for white wine. Aromatically, g�een apple, orange, t�opical cit��s and g�een mint with ex�ressively fresh. IKU’S, made from Yamadanishiki polished to 48% with ABV 9% can be ser�ed as aperitif on its own or with a finger food like canapé. IKU’S acidit� combined with rice based sweet�ess are well har�onized and even work as a dash of lemon for raw oysters.SuggestionSuggestion Princess MarriageFruity dreamsPrincess MarriageIKU'S SHIRO

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