内浜産業道路米川★○文 彦名小○文 北斗中高○文米子高専●JAバンク12米子彦名郵便局○〒河崎小○文 ●ローソンBrewing sake from our heart is our motto and we cra■ with an image of our consumers’ smiling faces when they drink our sake with satisfaction. We much care about developing rapport and collaboratively work towards the common goal with all stakeholders. Let’s build the market together.As is shown the brewery’s leading brand “Inatahime” (princess marriage), INATA HONTEN’s sake is designed to match (marry) with wider range of foods.■rough its long history, INATAHONTEN embraces its traditional cra■manship with positively welcoming inventiveness. Evidently, sake served with chilled temperature has been introduced for the ■rst time ever in Japan by the brewery. Visionary brewery based on the traditional treasuries! Established in 1673 with around 350 years, the longest history of Team Tottori breweries. Brand name Inatahime, princess Inata is a “goddess of marriage” and thus they much care about people relationship. ■ey value cra■manship over the long period. All artisans aim for the common goal and brew sake by team work. Located at the foot of Mt. Daisen and facing the Sea of Japan, its severely cold winter weather and spring water from the melted snow of Mt. Daisen provide the suitable climate for brewing sake.INATAHONTEN extensively runs Izakaya ( Japanese style bar) in Tokyo where you can enjoy their sake with good paired seasonal foods.INATAHONTEN CO.,LTD.325-16 Yomi-cho Yonago-shi Tottori 683-0851 SAKE from the Heart

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