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October 20, 2022
Team Tottori successfully gained dynamic attention and attracted visitors from importers/hospitality industry from across India. Staff/owners of Izumi, Origami and Kofuku have also visited our booth and enjoyed sake from local restaurants. Importers actively introduced their importing brands at their booths.
As a part of educating program, it was widely shared that “temperature magic” that is unique advantage of sake attractiveness by demonstrating serving chilled, room temperature, warmed sake. Team Tottori proudly showcased “Tottori, Food capital of Japan” in order to promote inbound tourism including sake brewery tour😊
October 10, 2022
Team Tottori will join ProWine Mumbai for the first time ever and showcase its attractiveness and sake diversity for trade people around the world. Tottori sake will be in the Indian Market very soon.
February 23, 2022
Team Tottori sake has just landed in Mumbai and has been introduced to operators at Koufuku restaurant/other leading food importing companies.
February 22, 2022
On 22nd February, Team Tottori has successfully conducted a business matching session at JETRO Mumbai. Now reaching out to Mumbai market which has somewhat different features from Delhi.
December 09-11, 2021
Team Tottori will promote its sake in Sial/Vinexpo India 2021 in Delhi!
June 30, 2021
Team Tottori acquired Vegan certificates on sake exporting to India

Who we are

To become a bridge between Tottori and India

Team Tottori was founded back in April 2021 with an aim to export sake to India. In 2021, seven breweries joined the team with full enthusiasm to achieve the objective.

Our love of the regionality has driven us to become a bridge between Tottori and India.

Why India?

Rice is our common language

Because of… rice! We both have country’s name in rice name; Indica and Japonica. So, we believe Indian people could understand the sweetness and umami derived from rice. We would like to introduce sake in India so that Indian people could explore the new alcoholic beverage that is deeply rooted to our culture, tradition and history.

Why Tottori?

Food security and safety is guaranteed!

Our production scale is a relatively small and that’s why we can proudly maintain transparency over the entire product lifecycle from rice planting to sake bottling. Most breweries work in the rice field in summer and brewery in winter. We clearly know who grows the rice, how the rice is grown, how the rice responds to water and who bottles the sake. Food safety and security increasingly becomes concerns to consumers but you can fully enjoy our products.

Our objective

Welcome to Tottori as Food Capital of Japan

We live in harmony with the nature and thus we have a rich food culture thanks to the blessings of the nature. Welcome to sake brewery tour. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the limpid water, beautiful air and star filled sky.

Our activities

Vegan Certificates acquired on June 30th 2021

Vegan represents those who live only on plant-based products. The ratio of vegetarian people reached 30% in India, the top in the world. We obtained Vegan certificate targeting those vegetarian people by showing respect for their diversity in a visualized format. Vegan people show significant concerns about global environment and sustainability. We consider the certification helps preserve diversity of living organisms including natural environment (woods, water and soil), the origin of sake, and helps materialize “Tottori - living in harmony with natures”. Indeed, harmonious living is essential for Tottori to feature itself that substantially contributes to preventive actions of global warming. Thus our ultimately aim is to be a role model of “social friendly, Tottori.”

Sial/Vinexpo India 2021 was successfully conducted at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi during 9th -11th December.

Vinexpo, one of the largest trade events of wine industry has come to India for the first time ever and jointly held with SIAL as a food show.

Team Tottori prominently showcased its diversified line-up at the booth of Sake Club India and widely introduced to general consumers as well as hotels, restaurants and other trade people.

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Digital catalog

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Member of Team Tottori
Sake Breweries Export to India

Inata Honten

Inata Honten Co., Ltd

Otani Shuzo

Otani Shuzo Co., Ltd

Umetsu Shuzo

Umetsu Shuzo Co., Ltd

Gensui Shuzo

Gensui Shuzo Co., Ltd

Yamane Brewery

Yamane Brewery Co., Ltd

Nakagawa Brewery

Nakagawa Brewery Co., Ltd

Suwa Shuzo

Suwa Shuzo Co., Ltd


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